Different Types of Weighing Scales

By | May 15, 2017

Industrial weight scales come in many different shapes and sizes. From milligrams to tons, there is a variety of industrial weight scales present in the market. Many industries like the shipping industry, pharmaceutical, chemical, food and transportation gain advantage from industrial weight scales. With their large range of measurements, anything can be weighed easily.

No one can deny the fact that weighing is an important process in production on an industrial scale. It ensures that the products being prepared follow a format that ensures finest quality. There is a lot of thinking process involved in the development of industrial weight scales. They are built according to varied needs and, hence, they vary in figures. For example, hanging weights and crane scales are ideal for weighing overhead material. These have strong built because they have to work with a lot of force and load from time to time. They weight a quantity of substance by lifting it and checking that they aren’t over loaded.

The bench scale is another type of industrial weight scale which is ideal for shipping purposes. The base of it, which is the platform on which the material is to be placed, is somewhat far from it. Usually at a distance of 3 to 7 feet from the weight indicator, it is also used in restaurants and whole sale markets. Next, analytic balances are heavily used in measuring laboratory substances. This is work done on exact scales with regular checks. Its range of accuracy varies from a tenth of a milligram to exact ten micro grams. Chemicals are to be handled with much care and accuracy, in this case, is crucial.

In multinational companies, counting scales are greatly used. These are the most efficient and highly priced, too. This scale is used to count screws and other parts of machinery. It is highly accurate and gives extensive details of the parts. Furthermore, money counting scales are often found in banks and many commercial areas. They are used to count currency down to every penny with great efficiency. Their performance is worth mentioning.

Coming towards the medical side, general balances such as medical beam balance, baby weighing balance, moisture balances and many other weighing scales are used. Medical beam balance and baby weighing machines are found in gyms, schools, offices and even in homes. However, moisture determining balances are still restricted to industrial or specific medical use. Many other physical balances are used to measure height and weight, so as to calculate the Body Mass Index. There are, therefore, many industrial scale balances present and we use them directly or indirectly in our lives.